Scar – 150cm Eurorack Patch Cable Kit

Scar Eurorack patch cable kit:

  • Loaded for Bear Eurorack Patches
  • 5 x 150cm patch cables
  • High quality Van Damme cable
  • Rean jack plugs
  • Protective, easy-coil sleeving
  • Made to order, ships within 10 business days
  • Lifetime guarantee




Scar Eurorack patch cable kit:

Hand built in Yorkshire by Loaded for Bear | Lifetime Guarantee | Built to last


Patch cable: Van Damme Pro Grade XKE Unbalanced Pro-patch cable

Rean NYS226L 3.5mm mono plugs

Highest quality protective sleeving. Protects your cables, makes them easy to coil and looks great!


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