Premium Speaker Cable


Loaded for Bear 1m Premium Speaker cable

Chunky, high-grade cables in popular colours from the TERRA range

High quality Sommer speaker cable

Neutrik plugs or Neutrik speakON

Lifetime guarantee

Made to order, ships within 10 business days





Speaker cable with Rean/Neutrik plugs and connectors:

This cable is available various configurations using premium Sommer SC-Meridian speaker cable, terminated with any combination of heavy duty 6.35mm plugs and/or speakOn connectors.

Comes in standard a length of 1m, please Contact us for custom lengths.

Hand built in Yorkshire by Loaded for Bear | Lifetime Guarantee | Built to last


Speaker cable: Sommer SC – Meridian SP225 2 x 2.50mm speaker cable.

Connectors: Neutrik NP2XL 6.35mm plugs | Neutrik NL2FX speakON

Highest quality protective sleeving. Protects your cables, makes them easy to coil and looks great!

Bongo Ties – natural rubber and bamboo cable tie, included as standard with all speaker cables.

Additional information

First plug

Neutrik NP2XL, Neutrik NL2FX speakON

Second plug

Neutrik NP2XL, Neutrik NL2FX speakON

Cable Colour

Tarn, Mell, Ling, Moss, Scar

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