G&H Very Low Profile Plugs – 6.35mm (1/4″) 2-pole Plugs


G&H Plugs

Premium quality, high performance plugs manufactured in U.S.A

Very Low Profile Copper Core Right-angle 6.35mm 2-Pole Jack Plugs

Nickel Plated Housings

7mm cable diameter



G&H Very Low Profile Plugs – Manufactured in Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Very Low Profile Copper Core plugs designed for patch cables where space is tight!

Accepts up to 7mm cable allowing for premium quality cable assembly.

They’re a great option for your high-end DIY cable assembly. Pair with our cable-by-the-metre for great sounding, reliable pedalboard patch cables.

Please note: to assemble cables with these plugs you will need access to a few basic tools and a soldering iron, and know how to use them!

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