G&H Copper Core Plugs – 6.35mm (1/4″) mono 2-pole Plugs


G&H Copper Core Plugs

Premium quality, high performance plugs manufactured in U.S.A

Widest range of options in the UK and Europe

Copper Cored 6.35mm 2-Pole Jack Plugs

Straight | Right-angle | High Clarity | TELE | Quiet

Nickel or Gun Metal Grey Nickel Plated Housings

Select 8.2mm (.322″) & 9.5mm (.375″) cable diameter




G&H Copper Core Plugs – Manufactured in Pennsylvania U.S.A.

These plugs are constructed with a unique OFC Copper Core for maximum conductivity and a cleaner tone. In addition to this, they are less likely to break during normal use as copper is more malleable. If it gets bent during a gig, bend it back, finish the show and fix it later!

They’re a perfect choice for your high-end DIY cable assembly. Pair with our cable-by-the-metre for great sounding, reliable instrument cables.

Please note: to assemble cables with these plugs you will need access to a few basic tools and a soldering iron, and know how to use them!

Common Features

  • Tin plated ground for ease of soldering
  • Solid brass housing protects the plug
  • Separately crimped ground won’t loosen


The Straight High Clarity plugs eliminate the traditional solder tab. Cable is soldered directly to the copper core for a cleaner signal transmission.

The Right-angle High Clarity plugs have a replaced tin plated brass solder tab with an unplated copper tab to produce a cleaner path for a cleaner sound.

The right-angle TELE plug has an extended tip designed to fit the traditional jack cup on Telecaster guitars and other recessed jacks.

The Quiet plugs are designed to be used at the instrument end of the cable to stop that well known popping sound when connecting and disconnecting from your amp. Please note, these may not be compatible with all jacks.

Don’t really want to make your own? Check out our guitar and instrument cable assemblies using these plugs.

For more info, check out G&H Plugs

Additional information

Select Plug

Straight, Right-angle, Straight High Clarity, Right-angle High Clarity, Right-angle TELE, Straight Quiet, Right-angle Quiet

Housing Colour

Nickel, Gun Metal Grey

Housing Cable Diameter

8.2mm, 9.5mm

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