‘Fuzzbot’ Fuzz Wump Pedal – Tan on Silver


Reduced due to paint blemishes on the backplate

Special edition release of the Fuzz Wump: Free UK Delivery

Screen printed oversized ‘Fuzzbot’ enclosure in Tan on Silver, including limited edition sticker by the artist

Ranges from a warm crunch to modern rich and fat drive tone with synth like undertones

Crank it up full for compressed-out fuzziness

Suits guitar, baritone and bass as it handles low end really well

Printed in Wales by Holy island Audio

Requires a 9V DC centre negative power supply

See below for demo by Tunnel of Reverb

Assembled in small batches by hand in the UK. We aim to ship in 3-5 days from purchase

Cable option includes a 3m Mell MK1 Instrument Cable – purchase together and save!



Fuzzbot – Tan on Silver Special edition release Fuzz Wump, designed by artist Drew Millward


The Fuzzbot is a special edition release of our Fuzz Wump, one of two collaboration pedals between Loaded for Bear, UK and Vulk Audio, Norway.

The Fuzzbot uses the same circuit as the Fuzz Wump, yet is housed in an oversized screen-printed enclosure designed by Drew Millward in one of three colour schemes.

Drew Millward is an artist based in the Aire Valley, Uk. We came across Drew via his work for James’ Home of Tone, his band posters and through his product design for some other super cool brands in the North of England. Drew makes noise as DAEMONOLOGIE, where his ears/eyes meet for noisy lo-fi unpleasantness with stunning, beautiful art and illustration.



The Fuzz Wump is a one knob fuzz that ranges from a warm crunch to modern rich and fat drive tone with synth like undertones. Roll back the pickup volume to clean up the drive, or crank both pedal and instrument up full for big compressed-out doomy fuzziness.

Stack with a boost pedal, like The Griffle, following in the signal chain to lift the high end and crunchiness.

For more info on Vulk Audio and to check out their fantastic range of pedals, read our blog post with Kjetil here.



Based on a classic Single Darlington Transistor design

One knob volume control

True bypass

Requires a 9V DC centre negative power supply

Screen printed oversized 1590BB enclosure in Tan on Silver


Cable Specifications:

Cable: Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Instrument cable – Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper – 90pF/m capacitance

G&H plugs: copper core straight plugs with nickel plated housings

Mell MK1 light tweed coloured braiding for proper street-cred, added protection and top coiling skills!

Bongo Ties – natural rubber and bamboo cable tie, included as standard with all guitar and instrument cables

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