B-Stock – Tarn 6m Clarity Instrument Cable


Loaded for Bear 6m Clarity Instrument Cable

Premium, super flexible cable perfect for guitarists

Preserve high frequencies and optimise signal transmission

Low capacitance Sommer SC-Spirit LLX “Low Loss” cable – 52pF/m

G&H Straight to Right-angle Oxygen Free Copper cored plugs

RoHS Compliant lead free silver solder


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This product was lost and returned by Royal Mail. It is brand new and never used. Fully tested and guaranteed for 12 months.

The perfect solution for guitarists where the preservation of high frequencies is desirable.

We’ve paired Sommer SC-Spirit LLX “low loss” instrument cable with G&H high clarity copper cored plugs to deliver optimal signal transmission from tip-to-tip.

With an incredibly low capacitance of 52pF/m, the Clarity Instrument Cable will help to preserve the higher frequency (treble) content of your guitar signal.

The G&H plugs maximise conductivity by utilising an Oxygen Free Copper Core, which also provides some flexibility should the plug get bent during a performance – bend it back, finish the show and repair it later!

Hand built in Yorkshire by Loaded for Bear | Built to last


Cable: Sommer SC-Spirit LLX instrument cable

Plugs: G&H High Clarity Straight to Right-angle plugs

Highest quality protective sleeving. Protects your cables, makes them easy to coil and looks great!

Bongo Ties – natural rubber and bamboo cable tie, included as standard with all instrument cables.


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