G&H Plugs Parts Shop

We’re very excited to have launched our new Parts Shop recently, where you can find the widest range of G&H Plugs available anywhere in the UK. They’re available to purchase individually for your own DIY projects or for spares, along with a small range of by-the-meter cable.

The range is quite comprehensive and includes 6.35mm (1/4″) and 3.5mm (1/8″) jack plugs. We’re very happy to have expanded colour options to now include traditional Nickel and Gun Metal Grey housings, which look awesome!

Established in 1987, G&H Plugs are manufactured in Meadville PA, USA. They are unique in that the ground is crimped to the sleeve of the plug for greater reliability and the core (hot) is made from oxygen free copper for it’s superior conductivity.

G&H suggest an added benefit of the copper core is that due to the malleability of copper, should the plug get snagged and bent during a show, it can be bent back into position and repaired or replaced later. Bonus!

We first introduced G&H Plugs with our Clarity Guitar Cable assemblies, shortly following up with our super deluxe fabric braided ALMA Guitar Cables and more recently by adding options to our MK1 Guitar Cables as an alternative to Switchcraft. We now have a great range of options, whether you prefer to spec out and have us assemble your cables, or whether you fancy going DIY. They include:

– Straight original ‘Bigfoot’ series plugs

– Straight and Right-angle High Clarity plugs

– Right-angle Tele plugs

– Straight and Right-angle Quiet plugs

– Very Low Profile patch cable plugs

– 6.35 and 3.5mm TRS Stereo Plugs

We select our components carefully to make sure we bring you the best quality and reliability. G&H Plugs have truly impressed us with their unique design and performance. They’re a kind, supportive business to work with too, which is really important to us being small and independent.

Cable by-the-metre

We’ve also added black, white, orange and yellow Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Instrument Cable, which has become a trusted standard around here, as well as Sommer SC-Spirit LLX “low-loss” instrument cable, with super low capacitance should that be your thing. All available by-the-meter. Go DIY!

We’ll be going into more detail on cable options in future posts, but for now you can find out more in the Parts Shop.

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