Below are answers to some common questions, but we like to hear from you, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us.

What's with your choice of plugs?

Minimal. Contemporary. Classic.

We wanted to keep our designs clean, simple yet reliable. There are hundreds of options out there and we’ve chosen to offer premium quality with no compromise for design and functionality.

All our connectors are primarily nickel plated brass or zinc for that classic aesthetic.


Rean are a Neutrik brand and are a great option that we choose for some of our patch and aux type cables. Material specifications:

Contacts: Brass | Shell: Zinc diecast | Shell plating: Nickel


Switchcraft are more heavy duty and you can feel it just in the weight of the plugs. Manufactured in the US, they are a well established and highly regarded brand. Material specifications:


Tip and body: Nickel plated brass | Terminals: Electro tin plated brass | Handle: Nickel plated brass


Tip and body: Nickel plated brass| Tip terminal: Tin plated brass | Sleeve terminal: Tin plated steel | Handle: Copper and nickel plated die cast zinc


Tip and body: Nickel plated brass | Terminals: Electro tin plated brass | Handle: Nickel plated steel


G&H Plugs are unique in that, with the exception of the 3.5m stereo plug, they have a copper core from the solder contact to the tip. While this in theory provides optimal signal conductivity to the copper cable, the core material is also more malleable. The benefit of this is that should the plug become bent during a performance, it’s likely that it could be gently returned to it’s original shape, allowing you to finish the show and seek repair at a later date.

High Clarity Plugs

The Straight High Clarity plugs eliminate the traditional solder tab. Cable is soldered directly to the copper core for a cleaner signal transmission.

The Right-angle High Clarity plugs have a replaced tin plated brass solder tab with an unplated copper tab to produce a cleaner path for a cleaner sound.

TELE Plugs

The right-angle TELE plug has an extended tip designed to fit the traditional jack cup on Telecaster guitars and other recessed jacks.

Quiet Plugs

The Quiet plugs are designed to be used at the instrument end of the cable to stop that well known popping sound when connecting and disconnecting from your amp. Please note, these may not be compatible with all jacks.


Tip and body: Copper and nickel plated die cast zinc | Tip terminal: Copper | Sleeve terminal: Copper and zinc | Handle: Nickel plated or Gun Metal Grey Nickel plated die cast zinc


Our standard pedalboard patches use a generic brand pancake jack plug. While these are pretty lightweight, they have a very low profile and are perfect for those who generally don’t need to re-patch often. For increased durability we highly recommend upgrading to Switchcraft 228 plugs. While they have a larger profile than the generic brand, they offer a more solid build and would stand up to more frequent re-patching and to the rigour of touring.

We are constantly reviewing the products we use and are always researching new products to add further options in the near future. Keep an eye on our Instagram grid for news and offers.

Cable length

How we measure our cables:

Instrument Cables and Europatch Patches are measured from the point at which the connector handle meets the connector plug, so that the cable is the specified length when both ends are plugged in.

Pedalboard Patches are measured from the point at which the cable meets the connector, so that the exposed cable is the specified length.

Pancake Plug Orientation

Pancake Pedalboard Patches can be built in U-shape or Reverse orientation:

Lifetime Guarantee - how does this work?


When you invest in our cables, you do so knowing that they are built to last. In the unlikely event that you experience a fault or failure due to assembly or components, we are happy to repair or replace your product.

Our cables are built using replaceable components to help us reduce waste. Unlike an inexpensive moulded cable, we are able to replace or repair every element that make our cables what they are. We would kindly encourage you to request this option if you ever need to return a product due to a fault. While we would be happy to replace the entire cable, we ask our customers to get on board with our mission and accept repairs, which would be fully tested and guaranteed as with a new purchase.

If you need to return a failed cable, please get in touch using our Contact form and we will guide you through the process.


  • Lifetime Guarantee applies to purchases made by customers based in the UK, where the cable was originally purchased in the UK and shipped to a UK address.
  • International customers are covered by a standard 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase.
  • In order to qualify for repair or replacement, the white heatshrink that is applied to cables for extra strain relief must be intact and have not been tampered with in any way. Plugs must not have been unscrewed. If there are any signs of this or damage that has clearly been caused as a result of misuse or abuse, we reserve the right to refuse a free repair or replacement. We have to ensure that any faults are a result of assembly or components and not created by the user.
  • If it is deemed that the fault is on our part, a full repair will be attempted and where this is not possible a full replacement will be provided and posted free of charge.
  • If it is deemed that the fault is with the user, options for repair and replacement will be costed.
  • It will be the customer’s responsibility to cover the postage costs to return the faulty product to us. We advise that the customer use a tracked and/or signed postal service and obtain proof of postage as we cannot take any responsibility for items missing in the post.
  • Repairs may require a small amount of the original cable to be removed, which would result in a shorter overall length.
  • Replacements are subject to availability. In instances where the original connector, cable stock or braiding cannot be sourced a suitable alternative will be offered.
  • General wear and tear or faults caused by misuse are not covered by this guarantee.

*This Guarantee will stand for the duration that Loaded for Bear Audio continues to trade. This is not an insurance-backed guarantee, warranty or extended warranty.

Delivery & Returns


United Kingdom Mainland*

A Standard Delivery flat rate of £5.55 will be applied to orders under £149.00.

All orders over £149.00 are shipped for free. Exceptions may apply for orders over 2kg in weight, where courier delivery may be required. Please get in touch to discuss options for large orders.

We ship as standard using the Royal Mail Standard service and we can ship using DHL Express. Please contact us if you would like a quote to use a different service. Additional fees may apply.

Local Pickup / Collection is available for customers within a 6 mile radius of Hebden Bridge, HX7 postcode.

*UK Mainland is defined as England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland


We ship using Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed services. Prices can be calculated for your location when viewing your cart.

If you choose not to use Tracked & Signed we cannot take responsibility for parcels lost in transit or process claims that a parcel has not arrived. We obtain proof of postage and once a parcel is in the hands of the postal service, it is out of our control.

We are not responsible for any extra taxes or import duties specific to your country and payable on receipt of your order. Please check with your local customs office and make sure you are happy with extra fees before placing your order.

For orders over 2kg in weight, we use an alternative courier service.

Please contact us if you would like to use a different service. Additional fees may apply.



We hope our customers are delighted with every cable they order from Loaded for Bear, but if you’re unhappy for any reason, you have 14 working days to return the item(s) to us.

To arrange a return, please use our Contact for detailing the items you’ll be returning and the reason why.

Products must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged and unused unless, of course, that damage in transit is the reason for the return (if this is the case, we would appreciate it if you could take photographs of the damage on the items arrival and send them to us along with your returns request).

If the error is ours and you have received the incorrect item, your goods have been damaged in transit, or they are faulty in some way, we can refund postage costs for the return upon receiving proof of postage and a copy of the receipt. In all other cases, the customer is liable for all return postage costs, and understand that they return items at their own risk.

We strongly recommend obtaining a proof of postage certificate, and additional insurance, wherever necessary, to cover the value of the goods being returned, as we cannot refund products that have been lost or damaged it transit during their return.

We will process your refund or replacement as soon as possible- usually within 5-7 working days of receipt of the returned item.

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