2 Years of Loaded for Bear

Today marks 2 years since we launched our online cable store. Wow!

2 Years Loaded for Bear

10th October 2019. Things didn’t really get going until I resigned in early 2020 from my position as Music Technician at The University of Manchester. At this point, things were starting to look straight forward… until the pandemic hit, and all that came with that including the harsh times for much of the music industry. Nevertheless, we seem to have survived it and continue to send our hand-assembled cables across the globe to all the lovely folk who choose to shop small and support our mission to get great signals out into the world.

It’s still totally overwhelming to think that the cables we create find themselves all over the place, being used by professional gigging and recording artists and home players alike. This not only really excites us, as we love to dream about our cables’ new lives, but it also truly supports us. How? Because when we say we’re small, we truly mean small, micro even, and every sale directly contributes to providing for our family.

What I’ve learned the most, and forgive me if I’m repeating myself, is how much mega-massive-incredible-radness is out there from the support we’ve received! Seriously. The last two years have been, without doubt, the most fulfilling and life-affirming professional times I’ve experienced. Refining a product range, creating a brand and returning to self-employed work has confirmed many things, but the support from the incredible community we’ve discovered throughout this journey has been simply stunning. It’s not just about sales. The encouragement, advice, the sharing of knowledge and experiences from family, friends, other small and independent businesses is what has really made this special. You know who you are and thanks for trusting in us and giving us the time to notice what we’re trying to do.

Gryffin, Java & Elwin. Rocks!

I want to give a shout out here to the people that make us ‘us’. We’re ‘us’ because we’re a family business. I personally do all the research and development, deal with customer enquiries and assemblies, but there’s more to running a business than just making some products. We do pretty much everything in-house, and that requires more than just my skills. I need to stress my thanks to my partner, my folks, my kids, neighbours, peers and the local community.

ALMA cables. Braided and assembled right here in Yorkshire.

We started out with the intention to supply a range of cable solutions to a wider range of customers: musicians, audio engineers, DJ’s and hi-fi enthusiasts. Organically, we’ve moved towards a guitar-centric customer base. We now place an emphasis on super high quality, hand assembled guitar cables with the largest range of G&H Plug options in the UK. This is supplemented by a whole host of pro-grade ancillary cables to support your entire setup. We pride ourselves on our focused, bespoke customer service and through establishing direct communication with the folk who invest in our products so we can provide boutique grade products direct to the user.

We’re incredibly proud of our independence and hope we can survive the next two years doing what we feel absolutely passionate about.

You guys all rule!

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